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You Should KnowGiving doesn’t have to be a difficult thing.

  • Step 1

    From our options below, choose where you would like your money to go.

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    Next, choose the amount you would like to donate. Keep in mind, some of our options might already have suggested donation rates.

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    Lastly, take out your credit card and make a secure payment through our payment portal button below.


Impact a disabled person’s life by becoming a sponsor today. Click the Donate button below to get started.

Two, Three
Getting involved is easy.


Step 1: Fund

Your donations are tax-deductible and go towards helping our individual members- if not more! Please contact us using the form on our Contact Page to request our TAX ID number. We are happy to send.

Step 2: Help

Each dollar donated goes towards creating, developing, and managing an inclusive, active lifestyle for each of our members. As the needs of each of our members are different, depending on their mental or physical disability, we assign one of our WUDSF Coaches to each of our members so that they get the deserved attention they need.

Step 3: Repeat

Consider setting up re-occuring monthly donations to WUDSF. Our daily programming to persons with various mental and physical disibilities evolve each month. More specifically, a deeper level of programming is needed to further progress the active, inclusive lifestyle of our members. Eventually, our members are able to be self-sustainable.

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“World Up Down Sports Foundation, Inc. (“WUDSF” dba International Inclusive Sports Foundation) is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation (Federal Tax ID: 84-5160572), operating as a California charitable trust recognized by the IRS with federal tax-exempt status as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3). Contributions to WUDSF are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.”

Need quick funding?

We can help! Our team of WUDSF Brand Ambassadors are able to assist you and your team in fundraising activities and custom strategies for your business. Please contact us below for more information.